Dec 26, 2012

New Sexy Jeans

Skin - Vive9 - Estelle SPF200
Hair - Lelutka- Rush - Gift
Top +HUHU+ Wool Top Cut Dark green
Pants +HUHU+ Denim Skynny Jeans Blue   NEWWW
Shoes - Cliche -Citta Stiletto Emerald


Dec 20, 2012

Think in green

Skin - NOYA - Sean  Tone 5(Marketplace)
 Hair - Burley -Sofian DBrown
Jacket -+HUHU+ - Mesh Jacket Plastic in green NEWWW
 Pants -NOTsoBAD-  MUNGO Jeans gray

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Dec 19, 2012

New Group Gifts Male and Female

On Mamenxu:
Skin - .:VIVE 9:. - Estelle SPF200
Hair -TUTY'S - ADORABLE updo
Shirt +HUHU+ Mesh Blouse Top Rose NEWW GROUP GIFT
Undershirt - JANE -Nedeful Things Romper  GROUP GIFT
Pants +HUHU+ - Mesh Linen Pants  Gray
 Shoes :::Podium:::- Textile Summer Fatpack
Ring +HUHU+ - Personality Ring  LOVE

On Him:
Skin- BND - David
 Hair - BURLEY - Sofian DBrowns
Shirt +HUHU+ Long Shirt loose Gray Faces NEWW GROUP GIFT
Pants ~Tableau Vivant~ Low-rise Jeans
Shoes  +HUHU+ Illegal Sneacker Gray
Glasses - karl Rau -Sunglasses M8 Silver Medium

Dec 16, 2012


Skin - .:Vive Nine:.  Estelle in SPF200
Hair - LoQ - Vanilla Tart  black
Dress - +HUHU+ Ladies sweater Cross
Boots - *Crazy* - Baviera black
Eyepatch - Bombard- Black
Collar- -Piccara- -  Choker Collar


Dec 12, 2012

Cute Leopard

Skin - .:Vive9:. - Estelle in SPF200
Hair - *booN - YNO421
Vest - [Whatever]- Leo
Pants - +HUHU+ - Linen Pant black NEWWW
Shoes - N-Core - Coquette Plataform "Wild"-Group Gift
Watch - ISON - Vipera
Makeup - MONS - Black Eyeliner series 8

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Dec 9, 2012

+HUHU+ New Pants Classic and Linen

ON CAROL(left)
  • Skin - Al Vulo
  • Hair - Decoy
  • Shirt- +HUHU+ Wool Top Cut - The simple Things in black
  • Pants +HUHU+ Classic/Linen Pant in green  NEWWW
  • Ring +HUHU+ Personality Ring FUCK in gray
  • Bag +HUHU+ Retro Bags Mesh Casette
  • Earrings +HUHU+ Silver earrings
                                                    ON ME (right)
  • Skin- Vive 9
  • Hair - LoQ Hair - Ambosia
  • Shirt +HUHU+ Wool Top Cut - Gray
  • Pants +HUHU+ Classic Pants in Grape NEWWW
  • Undesirt - Jane -Free Gift
  • Ring +HUHU+ Personality Ring BITCH in purple
  • Bag +HUHU+ Retro Bags Mesh Morrison
  • Earrings +HUHU+ 

Nov 25, 2012

+HUHU+ New Tank Top Man

  • +HUHU+  Tank Top woven cotton in 12 fashion colors and 5 sizes, perfect to dress alone or combined with your favorite jacket. 
  •  You can buy individually or save your money with the fat pack 
  •  Fatpack with you you can change the color with a hud, fast no lag
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Nov 24, 2012

+HUHU+ Group Gifts

  • Available in +HUHU+  this two Group Gifts, Mesh exclusive design made ​​for our clients.
        Two UNISEX  gifts perfect for combining,   see you in the store

Nov 23, 2012

+HUHU+ New Mesh Top

  • +HUHU+Wool Top Cut Mesh avaiable in 12 colors individually or fatpack

Nov 21, 2012


  • Skin: ITGIRLS - Chloe Summer 
  • Hair: RUMINA - French Coffee - Dolo
  • Shirt: +HUHU+ -Mesh Wool Top Cut Dark Blue  Newww
  • Pants: erratic / zoey - leather pants / black
  • Shoes: Mstyle ALAH Wedges - Navy Suede
  • Bag : :::Podium:::  Mesh Leather Clutch- Navy Blue


  • +HUHU+ Wool Top Cut Light Green      +HUHU+
  • +HUHU+ Illegal Sneakers Dirty Gold      +HUHU+

+HUHU+ Retro Bags